You shouldn’t leave your tech stuff to strangers…


Glacier I.T. is a relatively new brand, yet our experienced team has been providing I.T. support in the Flathead Valley for more than a decade. Our founder, Troy spent 8 years working at Montana Sky before purchasing PC Fitness in 2003. In 2014, Troy decided to expand his services and change the name of his company to Glacier I.T.

Today, we focus on providing a broader range of web development and marketing services while still delivering the world-class I.T. support we’re known for. We want to be Flathead Valley’s one-stop shop for I.T., digital marketing and web branding solutions.


Get to know us


At a young age, Troy was saddened to discover that he did not have Jedi powers. Forced to find a new path, he channeled his energies into buying his first computer: a Commodore VIC20 in the early 80’s (NERD!).

When Troy joined the Army years later, he brought his love for computers and technology with him. While serving, Troy was fortunate enough to put that knowledge and passion to work at the White House, where he was exposed to cutting-edge technologies and advanced systems.

Troy is now a little older, but no less passionate about using the force (of technology) to make the world a better place. He now concentrates on using his 25 years of experience with all things I.T. and his a deep understanding of what it takes to make a business successful to devise practical solutions that best fit the needs and budgets of his customers.


Robert was drawn to computers, and especially computer gaming since he was a youngster. That early interest inspired him to delve deeper and find new and exciting applications for computing.

In 2004, while attending FVCC, Robert met Troy who co-owned PC Fitness. After expressing an interest in the computer field, Robert soon joined Troy’s team. Over the years, the name on the door may have changed, but Robert and Troy continued to work side by side.

Working with Troy taught Robert the patience and communication skills he uses every day to help less tech savvy customers understand and implement all aspects of technology.


Elizabeth Vandeberg is a self-proclaimed nerd that loves the outdoors.  She’s always had a knack with computers and has a long history of providing “tech support” (i.e. hooking up stereos and printers) to her family and friends.

Elizabeth stumbled into doing web development in the strangest of places—at a radio station where she worked in the early 2000’s. The station’s previous web developer left to go back to college, so he gave Elizabeth the manual for updating HTML text on the company’s website. She was hooked!

Fast forward a decade, and Elizabeth was hired by Bigfork Web Development, where she gained invaluable skills as a Project Manager from her coworkers and mentor.  At Bigfork Web, Elizabeth sincerely enjoyed working side-by-side with clients to help them succeed.  In the summer of 2015,  Troy approached Elizabeth to develop a new division of Glacier I.T..  Elizabeth has been managing and growing the web development side of Glacier I.T. ever since.

When she’s not at work, Elizabeth is passionate about hiking, kayaking, cycling, walking her dog, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, camping, or any activity that means spending time in the great outdoors. She is always planning a new adventure with her husband Derek, usually somewhere in Glacier Park or in a remote corner of Montana.  Elizabeth loves the community of Bigfork, and especially loves working here.